Can Smoking One Cigarette After Quitting Turn You into An Addict Again?

Quitting cigarettes is one of the toughest things to do. A lot of smokers and addicts find it really hard to cope with the change. According to a survey, only 5% of the quitters successfully stay in their commitment while the other 95 percentile gives up again. However, if you are someone who is willing to quit, then you should remember that even smoking one cigarette after quitting can be catastrophic for you.

For the smokers, you already know what a smoking addiction can do to you. It becomes your life, you dream about it all the time. You think that the only way to get over your stress is the cigarette and smoke make you feel peaceful. And by the time you know, you have become a chain smoker. It all starts with that one cigarette that our friend might have handed over you the first time and soon it turns out to be two, three, four and eventually an entire packet in a day; maybe even more.

When you decide to quit, it takes a lot of mental preparation and your hard work. Quitting smoking isn’t easy at all. There are many stages, and many games plan that you follow when you decide to quit smoking. And after a long time when you finally become successful in quitting smoking, the “just one more” can ruin everything.

So when you think smoking one cigarette after quitting doesn’t make any differences, you are wrong.  Quitting takes a lot of effort and by smoking just one cigarette again, (even if you think that you are going to do it just once), it will open a doorway to your addiction to smoking once again. What you should do after quiting smoking, is become active again ( join a gym ) and have a clean eating meal plan

Why Should You Not Smoke At All After Quitting?

Remember how you started? It all started with just one cigarette. So if you carry on the one cigarette formula, you might end up being an addict again. You should never smoke after you quit because –

  • It is your thirsty subconscious mind playing games with you. When you are craving for smoking one cigarette after quitting, you tend to forget all the troubles you have been through for smoking. You forget the amount of hard work and dedication have put while quitting smoking. So you should make sure that you stay away from the “only one cigarette” formula for good.
  • When you finally give up and smoke that one cigarette after quitting, you tend to form an idea in your mind that quitting smoking is hard and you can no longer stay without smoking a cigarette. And you become a chain smoker once again. If you are not willing to be one, you should not take your one cigarette idea seriously.

The just one cigarette formula is the main reason 95% of the people find it hard to commit to no smoking. However, it is obvious to get cravings for cigarettes. But when you do feel cravings for your cigarettes distract your mind. Do not think that it is hard to quit; otherwise, it will become even harder than it seems.

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