What can be the Quitting Smoking Cold Turkey Worst Day Scenario?

Smoking kills—and we all know that. But, despite all the warnings and threats people still go ahead and enjoy smoking. Most people don’t understand that smoking can be dangerous not only when they are addicted to it; but also aftermath, when they decide to quit cold turkey. There can be many dangers of quitting smoking cold turkey for your health.  There are a number of quitting smoking cold turkey worst day scenarios available as an example. Therefore, you should take proper precautions when you decide to go cold turkey.

Here is a sneak peek of what might happen to you when you decide to quit smoking cold turkey –

  • In 8 Hours – You will become stressful and you will try to reach out to at least one cigarette. The withdrawal effects start to become even stronger and as the nicotine starts to leave the body, you start craving for cigarettes.
  • In 24 Hours – The anxiety and the level of stress reaches its peak. And this is actually your body reacting to the loss of nicotine, and this is a sign of withdrawal. This is actually not a feeling of stress; this is your feeling of craving. This is your mind playing tricks to you stating you are feeling stress because you haven’t had a cigarette. According to a research, this is the only reason why the smokers feel much more stressed than the non-smokers and the ex-smokers.
  • Two or Three Days – While you decide to go cold turkey, these are the toughest days as all the nicotine leaves your body by now. There can be no quitting smoking cold turkey worst day than these. You may start feeling even more stressed, anxious, hungry, angry, and irritated, become quite irrational, feel itchy and many other side effects may occur.
  • One Week – If you have made up to one week, you have done a huge thing. By the time it is one week and if you have not taken one cigarette, even, then probably you can continue the same for long. Your body starts to adapt to the change and stop rejecting your new lifestyle. If you have completed the one week successfully, chances are, you are going to quit smoking forever for good. However, you can take help of nicotine patches and gums for better relief. However, as a quitting smoking cold turkey worst day scenario you can experience a nasty cough and for that, it is advisable to go to a doctor.
  • Two Weeks – Your blood circulation will become normal, and you should feel much better and no more cravings. You will feel better just like a nonsmoker.
  • One Month – The feeling of being restless, anger, anxiety, stress and depression will slowly go away by the time it is one month. You will feel much better and if you have not touched even one cigarette till a month, congratulations, you are successful in quitting smoking cold turkey.

With a proper clean eating meal plan and exercise schedule along with a changed lifestyle, you can definitely go ahead and quit smoking. And with time, you will become successful.

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