How to quit smoking cold turkey?

What do you mean by “how to quit smoking cold turkey?” and what is ‘Quitting Cold Turkey’? Strange phrase, isn’t it?

Well Quitting smoking cold Turkey means you give up smoking all at once without having used any nicotine replacement therapy, i.e. NRT products or any other “stop-smoking drugs”. Though it is a challenging task, many ardent ex-smokers have used this strategy of cold turkey in order to quit smoking and have successfully quit the bad habit in this manner. With this technique, you are more likely to succeed if your daily consumption of cigarettes is less than a minimum of ten.  In order to implement the technique of quitting cold turkey, you need to take the following steps to prepare yourself; particularly you need to be mentally ready as you will not have the aids of NRT.

  1. Find Your Reason: First thing first, choose a reason which is strong enough to outweigh the wanting to puff on. This reason is to be a powerful or a personal one like protecting your family from passive smoking or reducing your chances of suffering from a lung cancer or a heart disease or some other life-threatening diseases. Plus, it makes you look and feel younger.

  2. Prepare well before going “Cold Turkey”: Being a pack-a-day smoker will make your brain get hooked on nicotine turning you into a smoke-addict. Stopping smoking will make you go through withdrawal, therefore you should line up support well in advance. Do a thorough research on quit smoking classes, counseling, hypnosis, and medication. Download quit-smoking mobile applications.

  3. Consider taking Nicotine Replacement Therapy: nicotine withdrawal will give you headaches, severely affecting your mood, sapping your energy. That craving for “just one last drug” is going to be very taxing. These therapies will help you curb the urges and studies have shown that nicotine patches, lozenges, and gums effectively improve your chances of succeeding at quitting smoking.  

  4. Gain an understanding of Prescription Pills: these drugs will not only help you curb your craving but also may make puffing off less satisfying even if you do light up a cigarette. They will help you in fighting withdrawal symptoms such as depression, anxiety and other problems with concentration.  

  5. Shun alcohol and avoid other triggers: it is a must that you should try to limit your alcohol intake when you first quit smoking as when you drink it is harder to adhere to your no-smoking goals. In the same way, if you have a similar habit associated with smoking, you should switch to another alternative. For instance, if generally, you smoke when you drink tea, switch to coffee for a few weeks. If you smoke after your meals, then find something else to do instead like take a walk or brush your teeth or chew a gum or eat something sweet.

  6. Get your family and friends on board: Your near and dear ones will be thrilled to know that you are quitting smoking. And these people are the one you can rely on as they will help you in distracting your cravings trough pep-talks and being available during your trigger moments.

  7.  Get a clean eating meal plan

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